I was only seven years old when the first volume devoted entirely to me and my work was published.
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© Bálint Endre örököse

It is a testimony to my amazing powers of inspiration, even at that young age, that all the pieces included in the volume were poetic in nature. photo of young KO
My work at the time, as attested by the 35 poems the book contains, focused mainly on disassembling furniture, performing life-saving operations on animals (stuffed), increasing the mean distance between myself and my bathwater, and generally speeding up the process of entropy in my environment. I leave it to scholarship to decide if this explains the title of one poem, Little Devil.
the little devil
© Bálint Endre örököse

© Bálint Endre örököse
The literal meaning of the title, Kati-patika, is "Kati-Apothecary" and refers to my then famous cure of nervous conditions by laughter as related in the eponymous poem. (Kati is the short, familiar form of my first name, or rather last name, since in Hungarian the given name follows the surname.) The poems were illustrated by Endre Bálint, a well-known Hungarian painter (1914-1986). (See some of his montages from the late 50's.) The book was a great favorite with my generation and quickly went out of print. Used copies were circulated (in addition to a handful of facsimile editions I personally produced for some of my friends under five), until finally, in 2000, the book was redesigned and republished to the relief of the kindergarten population.

This book was written by my father, a major Hungarian poet who has also published 38 other books so far, all utterly useless for those trying to acquaint themselves with my early years.
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